About KIAF 2024

What news will 2024 bring?

The premiere edition of the KIAF Fair is over! We would like to thank all participants, exhibitors and art enthusiasts for their tremendous support and enthusiasm during our inaugural event. Although we have had many successes, our mission does not end here. Together, we plan to continue to develop KIAF, improving existing solutions and introducing new ones.

Our priority is to continually improve KIAF to meet the expectations of our community. We value your opinions, suggestions and comments, which are extremely important to us. We want each successive edition to be more inspiring, surprising and tailored to the needs of our participants. Get to know our plans for 2024!


We are entering new waters!

The biggest news will be our trip to the Polish seaside - to Gdansk, where KIAF fair will be unveiled, scheduled for 14-15 November 2024 at the Amber EXPO.

This unique location will not only provide a beautiful backdrop for our fair, but also a new space to discover new developments in the architectural world in an inspiring environment. The Gdansk edition of KIAF Fair will open up opportunities for architects from the northern part of Poland.

Be ready for an unforgettable artistic journey to Gdansk as part of KIAF Fair! Follow our steps, participate in the discussions and get ready for the next chapter in the history of our event. Together we create a unique community where art meets new horizons.


We are expanding our offer!

W tym roku rozszerzamy ofertę - zapraszamy nie tylko architektów wnętrz, ale także architektów kubaturowych!

Rozszerzenie zakresu uczestnictwa ma na celu stworzenie jeszcze bardziej różnorodnej platformy dla profesjonalistów z dziedziny architektury, umożliwiając im wymianę wiedzy i doświadczeń.

Rozszerzenie oferty o architektów kubaturowych to także krok w stronę jeszcze bardziej kompleksowego podejścia do dziedziny architektury. Cieszymy się na myśl o dynamicznej wymianie myśli pomiędzy różnymi specjalistami, co z pewnością przyczyni się do dalszego rozwoju naszej społeczności.



We will develop the competition for exhibitors for the Masterpiece of the Edition, offering even more attractive benefits for the winners. We are committed to honouring the most innovative and inspiring products presented at the fair. We have prepared an extensive benefits package for the winners so that their achievements are duly recognised.

The winning Masterpiece will receive a dedicated stand where it can be showcased in its full glory. This is not only a chance to increase visibility, but also an opportunity for direct contact with interested visitors. We want the winning product to be the focal point of attention and the stand to be the perfect place to showcase its unique features.

The company responsible for the winning product will have the opportunity to showcase it on the Main Stage, sharing the unique aspects and creative process. This is not only an accolade in front of the industry, but also a chance to share inspiration with a wide audience.

Our dedicated team will also take care of promoting the winning product on our social media platforms and in advertising materials. We want to ensure that the Masterpiece gets the attention it deserves and becomes a topic of conversation not only among trade show attendees, but also in the industry world.

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A new concept that we will be introducing for the next editions of the fair is the Live Workshops - a specially dedicated space for exhibitors and architects. We want to create a unique atmosphere where interactive product training sessions will take place over a glass of champagne, enabling direct interaction and exchange of experiences.

The Live Workshop is not only an opportunity for product presentations, but above all an opportunity to pass on knowledge in a dynamic and engaging way. We want participants to have the chance to explore the ins and outs of projects, learn about modern technologies or understand product development processes, all in an intimate atmosphere conducive to establishing valuable relationships.

For participants of the Live Workshops, we envisage not only new skills, but also a unique experience that will involve the atmosphere of an inspiring space. Each workshop will be an opportunity to develop creativity, gain valuable information and network with other industry professionals.

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Modular Construction Gallery

Another new feature at KIAF 2024 will be a conference on modular construction.

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions and lectures that will shed light on the relationship between the work of architects and the dynamic field of modular construction. Experts will thoroughly discuss the latest trends, challenges and perspectives related to this aspect of architecture.